[Twisted-Python] Wiring a new reactor/Client into Twisted

Eugene Coetzee projects at reedflute.com
Wed Jul 28 15:18:31 EDT 2004

Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:

>>In order to achieve this I need to extend SerialProtocol from 
>>twisted.serial but it is clear that I need to do much more than just 
>>that. This is where I have difficulty in in extending the functionality 
>>of twisted.application.internet to build something which I can refer to 
>>as "SerialClient" (analogous to TCPClient,UDPClient)
>UDPClient is very different from TCPClient (and deprecated, btw). A
>single UDPClient has one protocol instance and listens on one UDP port.
>Likewise, a SerialClient would only be connected to one serial port. 
This is exactly (what I think :) I want.

I want a dedicated client for each SerialPort cause in accordance with 
the master/slave polling philosopy you can  only address one device at a 
time on a specific port - and *have to* wait until you receive a 
response or timeout occurs. My  multithreading driver allows you do do 
this on a  bunch of ports concurrently.

Thanx for the feedback though - I'm going to mess around with 
application.internet a little more (along the same lines of deprecated 
UDPClient) and see how far that gets me.



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