[Twisted-Python] ANN: Hep 0.5, Yarn 0.1

Abe Fettig abe at fettig.net
Mon Jul 26 22:39:28 EDT 2004

I've got a new release of Hep available at 
http://www.fettig.net/projects/hep/.  For those unfamiliar with it, Hep 
is a mutliprotocol message server.  It provides a proxy/translation 
layer between email and the web, so you can read RSS feeds and write 
weblog posts from the comfort of your favorite mail client (using either 
POP3 or IMAP).

I'm also releasing a new library called Yarn 
(http://www.fettig.net/projects/yarn/), a seperate package containing 
all the messaging-system-abstraction bits that used to be in Hep.  Yarn 
lets you work with RSS and Atom feeds, weblogs, Maildir directories, 
etc., using a common Folder/Message API.  It supports authentication, 
sharing connections between users, and tracking metadata between 
sessions.  It's fully unicode-aware.  It uses plugins to make it easy to 
add support for new protocols and file formats.

Yarn is a little short on docs at the moment, but if you're feeling 
curious there's some code in the examples/ directory that will get you 
started.  I'll have some tutorials  up on my website soon, though.

Both Hep and Yarn make heavy use of Twisted (even mktap/twistd).  Many 
thanks to the Twisted team, especially exarkun for his work on IMAP - 
I'm so glad I didn't have to write that code myself!


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