[Twisted-Python] Status of twisted.xish.xpath

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone dialtone at aruba.it
Sun Apr 11 18:48:01 EDT 2004

I was wondering what's the status of the xpath parser in Twisted.

I need to write a feed aggregator which does not uses the Mark Pilgrim's 
parser, since
that's a dependency and because that's not a really good piece of 
software IMHO
(it's hard to read and debug). Just look at what has been done here:
http://xoomer.virgilio.it/dialtone/rsschannel.py # written by mg from Nevow
with Nevow and the current xish.xpath, and now look at how this has been 
done in the
feedparser from Pilgrim. I wonder what could be done with a complete 
of XPath at developers disposal. There are plenty feeds versions to 
support like Atom,
CDF, RDF and 9 rss versions. Also Nevow would be greatly enanched by an 
xpath implementation.

I would like to know if it's actively developed, or if it's 'deprecated' 
in favour of
external xpath implementations.

I would really like  to avoid telling my clients to install 4Suite or 
libxml2 or anything else.
Just using Twisted would be perfect since it's just 1.6Mb of portable 
python code (and in
future it will be split in various packages, so it's even smaller).

Thx for your efforts!

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone
Linux User #310274, Gentoo Proud User
Blog: http://vvolonghi.blogspot.com
Home Page: http://xoomer.virgilio.it/dialtone/

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