[Twisted-Python] twisted.proxy, cvs access and further patches to strport parsers

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Sun Sep 28 03:22:30 EDT 2003

Paul Boehm wrote:

> huh? you really didn't bother to read what i wrote in irc.

Nope.  If you want responses on the mailing list, write to the mailing 
list :)

> there's not a single line of c code in proxy, no mention of c code,
> and no requirement for c code.

Ahem -

> ... twisted.proxy [is] a generic proxy, currently capable of
> ... pseudotransparent proxying using a shared lib (seperate c code
 > required) ...

That seems to be a mention of both c code and a requirement for c code. 
  I haven't seen anything either on IRC or here to indicate how this 
seperate, required C code is neither required nor C :)

> yes, i've written a shared library interface to one protocol..
> and i'm not even going to publish that..

I understand that this comment may not apply in this situation, but I'd 
like to be clear: the reason I responded as I did is that I don't like 
the idea of adding plugin interfaces to Twisted specifically to 
introduce a dependency on so that unpublished, proprietary, or even 
separate modules are required.  Sometimes that's unavoidable (support 
for proprietary platforms requires proprietary code) but unless there is 
an overriding concern it's undesireable.

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