[Twisted-Python] a little pattern prototype ?

Timothy Stebbing tim.stebbing at nunatak.com.au
Thu Sep 25 18:15:40 EDT 2003

This is just a very basic and incomplete prototype of a framework/pattern
based on twisted.web.resource. Id be interested in peoples comments on
the concept as a whole.

Okay, The idea is that you create many components 'facets' which return
a particular chunk of html that will be displayed inside an absolutly
positioned <div>. These facets will be able to communicate with each other
via the concept of 'broadcasters' and 'observers'. What this means is that
a facet can register its wish to be notified of a particular event, or a
facet can broadcast an event to all other facets.

Facets are combined into single html pages (prisms), which will manage
placing facet content in divs. A single facet can appear on mny prisms.

A special type of facet that Im yet to implement is called the 'request
facet'. This will have no render output, but will manage post, get values
by broadcasting them to other facets. This could also handle any events,
ie livePage.

This might be a stupid idea, thats why Im posting it now while Im
prototyping it so I can get suggestions/flames. Its just something that
I thought up at work the other day and thought might be interesting to try.


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