[Twisted-Python] a little pattern prototype ?

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Sep 25 19:40:12 EDT 2003

Timothy Stebbing wrote:

> Facets are combined into single html pages (prisms), which will manage
> placing facet content in divs. A single facet can appear on mny prisms.


When I suggested "prism" as a metaphor, it was seriously the first word 
that came into my mind, and I intended it as a joke.  However, the 
pattern you've described sounds both elegant and accurately described by 
this metaphor.  I was laughing the whole time I read it :).

I don't entirely understand what you've done, but I have two quick thoughts:

	- Have you considered using Woven?  Event-broadcasting and updating 
facets in real time could be achieved with LivePage.  Also, since your 
output is HTML, woven could help with encapsulating the divs separately 
while guaranteeing that generation errors on one area of the page will 
not affect another.

	- What are your use cases?  e.g. what kind of a site benefits from 
using Crystals, and what doesn't?

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