The Vision Thing (was Re: [Twisted-Python] Bloat)

Bob Ippolito bob at
Wed Apr 16 12:05:17 EDT 2003

On Wednesday, Apr 16, 2003, at 11:17 America/New_York, Clark C. Evans 

> Perhaps what we need is a 'apps' directory in the top level
> of Twisted directory (but not in the twisted.* package) where
> people can drop in Applications which they would like to share
> with the community; but are not necessarly maintained by
> the Twisted Community.

Or at least a set of links on the webpage that are more prevalent and 
better maintained than the success stories..  And then there's the 
hybrid of the two, where a sourceforge-like facility could (eventually) 
be provided to open source Twisted applications... but god knows that's 
a pain in the ass to setup.

Maybe when Twisted can host svn, has its own wiki and the bugtracker 
gets better.. who knows?  It'd certainly be a damn good demonstration 
of Twisted if it could run nearly the whole intranet (mail, web, dns, 
bug tracking, source code management, forums, wiki, instant messaging, 
ldap, etc.) of a software development company "out of the box".  I'd 
sure as hell use it, our exim + cyrus + openldap + ldapdns + apache + 
cvs + gforge... etc... setup is a real pain in my ass.


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