[Twisted-Python] re: Congrats / a little newbie confusion

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Fri Apr 4 09:39:39 EST 2003

Cory Dodt wrote:
> Just one more thing to say about this:  the installer for Twisted on
> Windows provides icons in the start menu for a few things, one of which is
> "Twisted Command Prompt".  This prompt runs a very thin batch file which
> makes all the commands run on Windows "just like unix"; that is, typing
> c:\>mktap
> will do what you expect.

This even works sometimes. :-)  

I'd report a bug, but it happened while I was still in the pre-newbie
stage with Twisted, and we have an unusual Python installation (network-
based) so I wasn't ready to blame the Twisted installer.  As I recall,
it was something like win32com.shortcut that was missing, and it was
needed by something that was like "win32_postinstall.py" (I really 
don't remember the name, and can't find the file right now).

The symptom, other than a failure right at the end of the installation
process (after the .pyc files are generated), was the lack of a Windows
start menu entry and any shortcuts...

If there's a concern about this, I can keep my eye out for what it was.


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