[Twisted-Python] re: Congrats / a little newbie confusion

Jeffrey Mathews jeff at bodkinpartners.com
Fri Apr 4 13:30:39 EST 2003

Thanks everyone for the quick response.

The command prompt is VERY helpful, given the sorry state of Windows command
line life (and \python22\scripts is not added to PATH by the windows python
installer, so I didn't think to look there).  Sorry I didn't see the
question previously posted.

As for Peter's question about the need for a CGI.FieldStorage type api, it's
really only an issue when you're doing huge multipart mime posts (e.g., file
uploads).  The idea of passing around those results (potentially multi
megabyte) as strings is kind of frightening.  That said, I have no grasp on
what issues are raised when handling these things asynchronously (the cgi
module is all synchronous).

Thanks again.

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