[Twisted-Python] New release of the twisted IM bot

screwtape at froup.com screwtape at froup.com
Sun Nov 3 06:44:43 EST 2002

Yes, another raw tarball of my code.

New in this update:

- infobot plugin with an SQL backend - currently uses sqlite and
  pysqlite (see http://pysqlite.sf.net), but porting it to some other
  SQL database should be trivial.
- A README file.
- Properly ignores NOTICEs and ACTIONs (requires Twisted from current
  CVS to ignore NOTICEs.



Currently, the bot is lurking in #afda on irc.slashnet.org under the
name of 'Mooby', if you want to poke at it.

...still waiting for his first bug report.

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