[Twisted-Python] Problem getting one woven.Widget to include another

Alex spam at polynode.com
Sun Nov 3 21:14:57 EST 2002

I'm setting up a site using Woven, and I've hit a strange problem.

I've got a subclass of woven.widget.Widget called VolumeWidget, and that 
widget is used to display a list of links within a page.  I've got another 
class called VolumeListWidget, the only purpose of which is to display a 
list of these VolumeWidgets.

class VolumeListWidget(widgets.Widget):
     def setUp(self, request, node, data):
         for volume in data.get('volumes') or []:
             volume_model = VolumeModel(volume)
             volume_div = VolumeWidget(volume_model)
             volume_div.tagName = 'div'

VolumeListWidget's not working.  Instead of displaying a <div> that 
contains all the stuff VolumeWidget is supposed to contain [as defined in 
VolumeWidget's setUp() function], it's displaying an empty <div/>.  I'm not 
sure what I'm doing wrong, if anything, but it's too strange to tell.

Example (along with some code) is available here:


To see a working example of VolumeWidget, go here:


I will appreciate any help anyone can lend me.

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