[Twisted-Python] "3D Game Using Twisted?", or: "Ach du lieber..."

Derek Simkowiak dereks at realloc.net
Thu Mar 14 01:31:21 EST 2002

-> well, the piece of Twisted that is immediately relvant for this type of
-> application is twisted.spread - comprised of "pb", "jelly" and "banana".
-> these provide a distributed object system with marshalling, serialization,
-> networked observation and reference counting. All things that are useful for
-> building on-line games!

	Very cool (although, I have to say it, I'm not really a fan of
'cute' API names.  I much prefer clarity and conciseness.)

	Also, twisted.spread could easily be confused with the "Spread" C
library, which is also designed for use in distributed systems.  It has a
somewhat different purpose, but my first thought was that twisted.spread
was a Python interface to the Spread library (which would be really useful
for Twisted, by the way).  See http://www.spread.org/.

-> This technology is not optimized at the level of Quake or Tribes style
-> protocols, but it is infinitely more flexible and provide a much higher
-> level of functionality.

	Unfortunately, most people _HATE_ a laggy gaming experience (i.e.,
see the "Damn Lag" T-Shirt at ThinkGeek.com).  For my application, the
need for efficiency outweighs the other features of twisted.spread.

	However, I could probably use twisted.spread for "administrative"  
networking.  That would be things like text messages, download of resource
files (meshes, textures, etc.), changing levels, etc. -- things that don't 
need to be updated at ~70 FPS.

-> Twisted build - but maybe it could be a starting point for some pb examples?
-> I could post it somewhere if anyone is interested.

	"More examples" is always better than "fewer examples"  :)

	Thanks for the help!


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