[Twisted-Python] "3D Game Using Twisted?", or: "Ach du lieber..."

Sean Riley sean at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Mar 14 11:00:32 EST 2002

>	Unfortunately, most people _HATE_ a laggy gaming experience (i.e.,
>see the "Damn Lag" T-Shirt at ThinkGeek.com).  For my application, the
>need for efficiency outweighs the other features of twisted.spread.

>	However, I could probably use twisted.spread for "administrative"
>networking.  That would be things like text messages, download of resource
>files (meshes, textures, etc.), changing levels, etc. -- things that don't
>need to be updated at ~70 FPS.

In the spectrum of protocols ranging from generic but bandwidth heavy
protocols like SOAP to highly compressed and specific protocols like Quake,
"pb" falls somewhere in the middle - but much closer to the Quake end. It
has been optimized for use in games, while still providing generic

"Lag" is much more of an issue than just protocol design. Tricks such as
client-side prediction, intelligent weapon design, distance based
attenuation and aggressive visibility calculation make a huge difference.
With the right game design and the optimizations that are planned for pb i
think it could be used for FPS type applications. There could even be an
extension to banana (the protocol packer) specifically for these application
that knows about 3d co-ordinates, movement packets and other common packet
types. This banana extension could do bit-shifting, low-precision floats and
compression, or any other tricks learned from the FPS crowd.

I am definately planning on using it for all in-game traffic within the 3D
virtual spaces I am building. I'd encourage you to do the same - at very
least consider using extensions to pb rather than writing your own protocol

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