[Twisted-Python] Aloha, New Member

Christopher Armstrong carmstro at twistedmatrix.com
Sun Mar 3 04:36:24 EST 2002

On Sun, 2002-03-03 at 03:13, cpaul at telemetrybox.org wrote:
> One of the projects I am working on is a webmail service with GnuPG 
> functionality.  As a part of this, I built an xml-rpc wrapper for the 
> GnuPGInterface module.  During the process I realized that xml-rpc was
> the wrong solution to my problem, there were too many hacks in the 
> code for preserving sessions among other things.  Maybe twisted could 
> help me on this part.  Aside from the backengine, I was thinking of 
> working around the other members of the project and building the 
> web/mail frontend from the ground-up in Python (as opposed to using a 
> PHP webmail client...) -- Twisted might come in handy here too.

>From what you've said, it seems like Twisted would work well indeed. You
could use Perspective Broker for your remote-object protocol, to replace
XML-RPC, and Twisted Web's Widgets for your web interface. If you need
any help with these, I can probably assist, as well as many others.

> Another project still in the drafting phase is a Free implementation of the
> Craigslist.org bulletin board system.  This would involve creating an
> application: To serve CGI and process form inputs.  Create static HTML

Hmmm.. Is there a particular reason you need CGI? If you don't need it
to work on multiple web servers, i'd just go with Twisted Web's Widgets,
again. It's a really nice API for developing web applications.

> pages for every post.  Compile indexes of the posts at regular
> intervals.  And, with a mail server, forward the postXXX@ email to the
> proper recipients.  I was planning on using straight python, mysql and
> postfix -- again, Twisted might come in handy.

Yup. Twisted's mail support is finally getting there, and we do
integrate with RDBMs with twisted.enterprise.

                                Chris Armstrong
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