[Twisted-Python] epydoc and Twisted

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Thu Aug 22 13:32:39 EDT 2002

Steve Waterbury wrote:
> Bruce Mitchener wrote:
>>I've done a first pass at building Twisted docs with epydoc.  It can be
>>seen here:
>>     http://day.cubik.org/~bruce/twisted/epydoc/twisted.html
> This is *great*!  Much better than the happydoc, and better than pydoc, 
> which I've been using locally.  Any chance you could put a tar or zip of 
> this on your website so I don't beat it to death?  :^)

Well, I'm hoping to do a bunch of fixes tonight and make it even better. 
  For now, feel free to beat on it. It is just a DSL line to my 
apartment and I'm at work. :)

I'll post a tarball tomorrow after I make updates and make it suck less.

  - Bruce

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