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Allen Short shortwa at auburn.edu
Thu Jul 5 23:35:50 EDT 2001

>>>>> "Acapnotic" == Kevin Turner <acapnotic at twistedmatrix.com> writes:

    > This is why I told you to forget I said the "d. e." phrase =) I
    > think you underestimate miguel's ambition -- Twisted folks
    > aren't the only ones trying to take over the world. ;) Having a
    > cohesive environment does not just mean that the dialog boxes
    > all look similar and the context-sensitive pop-ups feel the
    > same, you also need to be able to incorporate the product of one
    > application into another -- e.g.  your plotter into your
    > spreadsheet, your spreadsheet into your marketing document, your
    > documents into your conferences and presentations.  You have not
    > convinced me that this is different from your "data
    > integration".

    > [ http://www.ximian.com/tech/bonobo.php3 ] [ The "why corba
    > sucks" flamewar may now commence. ] [ Feel free to understand a
    > "How little Acap understands things" flame too ;) ]

Given the constraints of GNOME's environment (i.e. "using C"), I think
ORBit/Bonobo dont suck _too_ badly. At some point in the future (after
at least one rev each of Twisted and GNOME), I think it'd be worth
looking at getting Twisted to handle Bonobo components
intelligently. That'd make a _lot_ of client-side integration stuff
easier -- and incidentally help along twisted.pim. ;)

At this point though, there's not a whole lot we can do with
integration with 'desktop tools' (which _is_ what something of this
scope should do) -- and I dont think writing our own is all that great
of a solution either. So, for now, I think it's worth concentrating on
stuff we can write and use _now_ (and an integrate easily into
existing twisted modules -- the biggest example i'm thinking of now is
a webpage-annotation system a la crit.org, but personal and not
written in horrid perl) rather than do-everything frameworks that
depend on stuff we dont have yet. 

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