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Fri Jul 6 13:36:06 EDT 2001

On Thu, Jul 05, 2001 at 08:19:02PM -0700, Kevin Turner wrote:
> This is why I told you to forget I said the "d. e." phrase =)
> I think you underestimate miguel's ambition -- Twisted folks aren't the
> only ones trying to take over the world. ;)   Having a cohesive
> environment does not just mean that the dialog boxes all look similar
> and the context-sensitive pop-ups feel the same, you also need to be
> able to incorporate the product of one application into another -- e.g.
> your plotter into your spreadsheet, your spreadsheet into your marketing
> document, your documents into your conferences and presentations.  You
> have not convinced me that this is different from your "data
> integration".

Well, except that we're not integrating spreadsheets into documents, we're
integrating personal information. (see below)

> > > Now, we all know that since PB is being published under the Twisted
> > > label, it's got to be the greatest thing since spreadable cheese.  But
> > > even so, but I'd sleep better at night if I read a memo comparing its
> > > suitability for "Integration." to [...] corba [etc...].
> (The following is me paraphrasing radix, not quite his original words:)
> } PB has nothing to do with integration between the PIM components.
> } That will be done by our /imaginary/ [emphasis mine ;) ] 'associator'
> } module.  PB will just serve as the portocol for [remote] access to the
> } information.

The associator module will probably be pretty easy to implement. It's just
that Nafai nor I have gotten around to it yet. ;) I put up some preliminary
babblings on the associator on the Wiki page for TwistedPim.

I also think you don't quite understand what we're trying to do here - We're
not trying to integrate "everything under the sun", we're just making it so
the PIM Data we have is highly interconnected. The PIM idea came before the
Associator idea, and it just fits really well. The associator isn't meant to
be the end-all be-all, Twisted is. ;-)

On a side note, we really have to stop using the term "associator module" ;)
The association code will be in the InfoData class itself, and there will
probably be another module that just keeps track of lists of all the different
kinds of InfoData. Not sure what this should be called -- anyway, go read
TwistedPim, I'm babbling =) 

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