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Known implementations: twisted.words.im.ircsupport.IRCAccount, twisted.words.im.pbsupport.PBAccount, twisted.words.im.tocsupport.TOCAccount

I represent a user's account with a chat service.
Instance VariablesclientThe Client currently connecting to this account, if any. (type: IClient )
Class VariablesgatewayTypeIdentifies the protocol used by this account. (type: string )
Method __init__ No summary
Method isOnline Am I online?
Method logOn Go on-line.
Method logOff Sign off.
Method getGroup
Method getPerson
def __init__(accountName, autoLogin, username, password, host, port): (source)
ParametersaccountNameA name to refer to the account by locally. (type: string )
autoLogin (type: boolean )
username (type: string )
password (type: string )
host (type: string )
port (type: integer )
def isOnline(): (source)
Am I online?
Returns (type: boolean )
def logOn(chatui): (source)
Go on-line.
Parameterschatui (type: Implementor of IChatUI )
Returns (type: Deferred Client )
def logOff(): (source)
Sign off.
def getGroup(groupName): (source)
Returns (type: Group )
def getPerson(personName): (source)
Returns (type: Person )
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