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New Ticket

This is a proposed checklist for inclusion at the top of the newticket page.

Please read this first:

  1. Please don't report Security issues here! Contact security(at)twistedmatrix(dot)com instead.
  2. Check the FAQ for common issues.
  3. Don't use the ticket system for help with support questions.
  4. Search for an existing tickets using trac freetext search, trac ticket query or Google.
  5. Follow our bug reporting guidelines and our patch submission guidelines for the best response.
  6. Use the "Preview" button to check your formatting.

Patch Upload

This is a proposed checklist for inclusion on the ticket attachment upload page.

Please read this first:

  1. If you are submitting a patch:
    1. Read the patch guidelines.
    2. Keep patches as small as possible (<800 lines). This will make it easy for your change to be reviewed. For larger changes please contact Twisted developers first to discuss how your contribution can be broken into a series of tickets and small patches.
    3. Use a standard patch filename. All lowercase, no spaces, include ticket number, include a patch version number, .patch or .diff extension eg agent-howto-spelling-1234-1.patch
    4. Add the "review" keyword to the ticket after uploading your patch. This will add the ticket and your patch to the review queue.
  2. If you are submitting an example or demonstration:
    1. Make it a Short, Self Contained, Correct Example
    2. Include instructions showing how to run the example and the expected output.

And always add an explanatory comment to the ticket, summarising the purpose of your attachment.

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