This page tries to gather problem with current spawnProcess implementation and then discuss what can be done


  • Always return a deferred. #2415
  • Provide the option to timeout the execution... and on timeout errback with a dedicated failure #2415
  • Add childs to the same process group #2415
  • allways errback when failing to spawn (rather than raising OSError) and errback with a different failure when failing to spawn the executable #4184
  • on Unix provide a method to install SIGCHLD handler, independent of the general signal handlers. ... maybe related to #5710
  • Allow passing Unicode environment (at least on Windows) maybe needed

for Python3 #5968

  • Allow passing Unicode command and arguments on Windows (current not

supported by pywin32 CreateProcess) #6470... maybe needed for Python3 #5968

  • Improve fork/exec for speed and memory usage #5710 .... maybe by creating a auxiliary process which handles forks and child management.
  • Execute as a different account in Windows
  • Spawn only after reactor starts ? I am ok with forking before.
  • Support client endpoint?


adiroiban comment

  • Make ProcessProtocol compatible with IProtocol....
  • create makeConnection
  • rename stdoutRecevied to dataReceived
  • rename processEnded to connectionLost
  • rename errReceived to errorReceived
  • spawnProcess will always return a deferred... for backward compatibility we need to decide a name for this new method which returns a deferred. Maybe createProcess or connectProcess
  • create spawnUnixProcess which has childFDs uid/gid
  • create spawnWindowsProcess which has Windows specific options
  • createProcess / connectProcess will call spawnUnixProcess or


depending on current OS

I think that child management problem, does not affect the public API so I am not discussing it here.

Timeouts are handled at protocol level and I see that we have 2 timeout types: total execution time and timeout after last child data was received.

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