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Twisted on Microsoft Windows

Current Windows Maintainers


Help us resolve Windows issues!

Here are the open Windows tickets. If you have the skills please grab an issue and submit a patch! Just because an issue is assigned doesn't mean that anyone is actively working on it. Contact the owner if you would like to help.

If you need help you may contact others involved with the ticket, or the maintainers listed above, or the twisted mailing list. Have fun!

Donate resources!

The Twisted project is currently seeking resource donations to improve our level of Windows support! Please direct offers and inquiries to the twisted mailing list.

  • A machine to run Windows Vista.
  • A Windows Vista license.
  • A 64-bit machine to run either Vista or XP Pro.
  • A 64-bit Vista or XP Pro license.
  • Visual Studio license (2005 or 2003)

We need someone with a broadband Internet connection to provide hosting for one or more of the above machines. In order to avoid shipping boxes around, it would be ideal if the person providing the hardware could also arrange the hosting. This may not be possible, and so we will consider shipping arrangements as the need arises. Dedicated/colo bandwidth preferred (of course), but please don't hesitate to offer residential broadband (most of our buildslaves run on residential lines, after all)

UPS units would be a nice touch, but not required unless your power is very unreliable.

Virtual Machines (VMWare, etc) are very much welcome!