What Twisted Is

Twisted is an asynchronous framework designed specifically around networks and databases. This allows for concurrency without requiring the use of forking processes or spawning threads. Now, this obviously does not come without some additional work, especially if you're used to using one of the other methods.

For a simple program that only is concerned about doing exactly one thing at one time, standard synchronous blocking programming will do just fine.

Note: Getting/sending information from/to a server while displaying and repainting a GUI is actually two things.


Python is well known in the computer science industry for promoting readability, increased maintainability, and high levels of productivity. For more information see


On the other hand, if you put in a little more work upfront, things like scaling becomes a much easier issue.

Note: This includes scaling up to more simultaneous requests or scaling down to lower powered systems.

The Proof

Okay, you've made all these claims, but where's the proof?

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