URLs in Twisted

URLs are an important part of many protocols, parsing or manipulating them in the correct way is a difficult and error-prone task that is all too often substituted for naive string manipulations. A single standards-compliant object would not only mean a single place to maintain such functionality but also means it would be more feasible for internal and third-party code to rely on these objects as a data structure (for example, supporting flattening URLs in twisted.web.template.) #5388 is the beginning of such an object but there are a number of existing comments and tickets about URL-related functionality in and around Twisted, that may provide use cases to aid in the design of a URL object.

Tickets or comments related to, or could benefit from, an object that represents a URL in Twisted:

  • #1109: twisted.web.proxy doesn't reverse-map redirects like ProxyPassReverse
  • #1569: IRequest should have a uri object for accessing and mangling the requested uri
  • #1779: Use URLPath everywhere we deal with URLs
  • #2093: URLPath should parse netloc more thoroughly.
  • #2094: URLPath should provide an API for manipulating query arguments
  • #2235: WebDAV copy fails if the name of the destination folder contains whitespace
  • #2625: urlpath doesn't do any quoting
  • #2934: t.web's Request.prePathURL does not rebuild the URL correctly
  • #4023: Support HTTPS URIs in twisted.web.client.Agent
  • #4229: twisted.web does not handle urls over 16384
  • #5175: CookieAgent fails when it encounters "secure" cookies
  • #5374: TLS Server Name Indication Support (Client)
  • #5379: Create new Resource traversal model
  • #5388: IRI implementation
  • #5462: support relative URI references in Location header in Agent
  • #6238: t.w._flatten._flattenElement should support t.p.urlpath.URLPath
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