Twisted Words

Twisted Words provides two separate high-level end-user features:

  • a multiprotocol instant messaging server
  • a multiprotocol instant messaging client

These are both still in the early stages of development and are not expected to work flawlessly in all configurations, however each is quite usable for a limited set of functionality. A Twisted Words server can be created with just one command:

$ twistd words --irc-port 6667 --pb-port 8787 --passwd password_file --group somegroup

The Twisted Words client is named im and is usable as an IRC client, and possibly an AIM client (depending on the phase of the moon).

Low Level Functionality

Twisted Words also includes:

  • Low-level protocol implementations of OSCAR (AIM and ICQ), IRC, MSN, TOC (AIM).
  • Jabber libraries.
  • Prototypes of chat server and client frameworks built on top of the protocols.

Twisted Words is available under the MIT Free Software licence.


See the Downloads page.


Documentation is available for Twisted Words. An API reference of Twisted and all subprojects is also available.


Subscribe to the twisted-python mailing list or visit the #twisted channel on to ask questions.

Report a bug or request a feature using the issue tracker (registration required), or browse Twisted Words tickets.

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