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Twisted Software Foundation

The name "Twisted Software Foundation" is a reference of convenience to our legal non-profit status through the Software Freedom Conservancy. The Conservancy has allowed us to pool organizational resources with other projects, such as Inkscape, Samba, and Wine, in order to reduce the management overhead associated with creating our own, dedicated legal entity.


At the end of January, 2008, the Twisted project finalized an agreement with the Software Freedom Conservancy that granted us non-profit status. For years prior to this, we had explored the options available to us for creating a foundation; due to our lack of resources, time and money, they were all prohibitively expensive. At the urging of individuals and organizations, we again explored other options. This most recent effort was a culmination of hard work over the last year between the Twisted project and the Conservancy, and we are delighted to present the results to the community: "Twisted Software Foundation".


Our goals are simple: we want to be able to continue improving Twisted -- everything from specialized bug fixes to paying hosting bills -- for the benefit of the community, the users of Twisted. We want sponsors to be able to make tax-deductible donations, and we want to provide a dedicated forum (initially, a sponsors-only mail list) where our sponsors can give voice to their own vision of how Twisted can be better.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • You (or your company) are contributing to an extraordinary open source project.
  • You will have the opportunity to join the sponsors-only mail list, with a direct line of communication to the core Twisted developers.
  • For corporate donations over $500, your logo will be placed on the front page as well as on the sponsor wiki pages.
  • Community consciousness of your company (and its use of Twisted) will be increased in the minds of Python programmers, Twisted users, and Twisted developers.
  • We have intense Google Juice; being linked to from our site is really good for you.
  • Contributions are tax-deductible.

Notes about logos:

  • Placement on the front page of will be for donations that equal or are more than the Bronze level.
  • Logo placement is time-based, per category: the first to donate is at the top, with subsequent sponsors' logos placed in the order they donated.
  • Logos on the front page will only be there for the year that a sponsor has donated. Each year starts fresh again, with an opportunity to get your logo at the top by early sponsorship!
  • Founding sponsors will have their logos placed permanently on a Founding Sponsors page, in honor of helping get the TSF started.
  • Logos must be 160 pixels wide and no higher than 80 pixels (same as PyCon sponsor logos).

Sponsorship Levels

Below are the names and amounts associated with levels of sponsorship.

  • Diamond: $20,000
  • Platinum: $10,000
  • Gold: $5,000
  • Silver: $1,000
  • Bronze: $500
  • Aluminum: $50

Non-Monetary Donations

The TSF will consider the value of non-monetary donations to the project - for example, donations of hardware, software licenses, or hosting - on a case-by-case basis. We will set a sponsorship level appropriately. The SFC will also need to help us determine the tax status of these items on a case-by-case basis, but anything donated directly to an individual (for example, software licenses associated with a particular individual's name) will almost certainly not qualify.

In general, we suggest cash donations, as that process is much simpler.

Founding Sponsors

We are currently engaged with multiple companies/organizations, building a solid base of Founding Sponsors. Visit the Founding Sponsors wiki page to see the list of those who got us started. There is a small window of opportunity to be a founding sponsor, so be sure to donate now! The closing date for this is May 15th, 2008.


Once the deadline for founding sponsors has passed, sponsors will be listed here.

How to Donate

You can use the form on the front page at anytime to make a donation to the TSF: just click one of the PayPal and Google Checkout "Donate" buttons. These linked buttons point to the Conservancy's account for us, which is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. As a result, donations to Twisted are now tax-deductible.

If you would prefer to cut a check, you may do this as well. Make the check payable to "Software Freedom Conservancy" and write "Directed Donation for Twisted" in the "memo" field. Checks should be sent to the following address, so that the Conservancy can process them:

 Software Freedom Conservancy
 1995 Broadway Fl 17
 New York, NY 10023-5882