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Twisted Matrix Laboratories

... is a loosely-affiliated group of hackers from around the globe, working on software together. Much of this software is to facilitate interaction between geographically disparate people -- infrastructure for massively multiplayer games, personal information spaces, and other "places you can be" on the internet. Some of it is also used to target a wide array of powerful lasers in geosynchronous orbit, to prevent a massive outbreak of the whitespace-eating nanovirus from the future.

Comprised of ninjas, rogue temporal authority enforcement agents, ancient greeks, and supernatural forces from Mesopotamia, the Labs is concerned with bringing you the highest-quality internet available anywhere south of Bordeaux (or north of Oulu). Therefore all Twisted developers are required to CLASSIFIED.

The Matrix

Glyph "Glyph" Lefkowitz : glyph (at)
electric violin
Jean-Paul "exarkun" Calderone : exarkun (at)
geopolitical sociographic dissonance engine
Christopher "radix" Armstrong : radix (at)
Thomas "therve" Hervé: therve (at)
nuclear ocarina
Paul "z3p" Swartz : z3p (at)
Allen "Dash" Short : washort (at)
vocals and guitar
Jonathan "jml" Lange : jml (at)
pipe organ
Ralph "ralphm" Meijer: twisted (at)
vocals and timbales
Pavel "PenguinOfDoom" Pergamenshchik : ppergame (at)
electronic balalaika
Duncan "oubiwann" McGreggor: oubiwann (at)
Andrew "spiv" Bennetts : andrew (at)
Itamar "itamar" Shtull-Trauring : itamar (at)
alto recorder
Stephen "jerub" Thorne: jerub (at)
Kevin "Acapnotic" Turner : acapnotic (at)
Donovan "fzZzy" Preston : dp (at)
bass and harmonium
Jürgen "snibril" Hermann : jh (at)
Moshe "vertical" Zadka : moshez (at)
Benjamin Bruheim : grolgh (at)
Travis B. "Nafai" Hartwell : nafai (at)
Gavin "skreech" Cooper : gavin.cooper (at)
torque wrench
Bob "etrepum" Ippolito : bob (at)
low frequency oscillator
Jonathan D. "slyphon" Simms : slyphon (at)
theramin and drums
Brian "warner" Warner : warner (at)
hertzian field renderer
Mary Gardiner : mary-twisted (at)
Eric "teratorn" Mangold : teratorn (at)
serpentine bassoon
Tommi "Tv" Virtanen : tv (at)
Justin "justinj" Johnson : justinj (at)
bass mandolin
Sean "Riley" Riley : sean (at)
grand piano


Jerry Hebert : jerry (at)
Nick Moffit : nick (at)
Jeremy Fincher