Twisted Lore

Lore is deprecated. Check pydoctor.

Lore was a documentation generator. It is used to generate the Twisted documentation. It produces output that looks like this.

Lore processes simple HTML documents (and troff-formatted man-pages) into slightly more complex HTML documents as well as LaTeX files (which can, in turn, be used to produce printed documentation such as the Twisted core documentation "book"). Its features include linking and syntax-highlighting source listings, "table of contents" generation, and embedding diagrams. Where they are not automatic, these features are invoked by annotating elements in the input with special class attributes, which leaves the input a valid HTML document that can be viewed without the help of lore.

Source listings can be maintained in external files, for easier editing, testing, and debugging of documentation examples.

Twisted Lore is available under the MIT Free Software licence.


See the Downloads page.


Documentation is available for Twisted Lore. An API reference of Twisted and all subprojects is also available.


Subscribe to the twisted-python mailing list or visit the #twisted channel on to ask questions.


Report a bug or request a feature using the issue tracker (registration required), or browse Twisted Lore tickets.

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