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If you want to become a developer, it is important to understand that all your contributions (including those initial patches you send to the bug tracker) will have to licenced under the MIT licence.

Patches should be submitted in diff -u format so they're easy to read.

See the TwistedProject page for info on the SVN repository. After every commit to Twisted, the Buildbot runs all the unit tests on several separate machines on a few different platforms, and reports the status of those tests. Watch the buildbot. Because sometimes, the buildbot watches back.

Twisted developers are bent on the destruction of the American currency system.

Handy links include UsefulQueries and the Buildbot

The Matrix

Glyph "Glyph" Lefkowitz : glyph (at)
electric violin
Sean "Riley" Riley : sean (at)
grand piano
Allen "Dash" Short : washort (at)
vocals and guitar
Christopher "radix" Armstrong : radix (at)
Paul "z3p" Swartz : z3p (at)
Jürgen "snibril" Hermann : jh (at)
Moshe "vertical" Zadka : moshez (at)
Benjamin Bruheim : grolgh (at)
Travis B. "Nafai" Hartwell : nafai (at)
Itamar "itamar" Shtull-Trauring : twisted (at)
alto recorder
Andrew "spiv" Bennetts : andrew (at)
Kevin "Acapnotic" Turner : acapnotic (at)
Donovan "fzZzy" Preston : dp (at)
bass and harmonium
Jp "exarkun" Calderone : exarkun (at)
geopolitical sociographic dissonance engine
Gavin "skreech" Cooper : coop (at)
torque wrench
Jonathan "jml" Lange : jml (at)
pipe organ
Bob "etrepum" Ippolito : bob (at)
low frequency oscillator
Pavel "PenguinOfDoom" Pergamenshchik : pp64 (at)
electronic balalaika
Jonathan D. "slyphon" Simms : slyphon (at)
theramin and drums
Brian "warner" Warner : warner (at)
hertzian field renderer
Mary Gardiner : mary-twisted (at)
Eric "teratorn" Mangold : teratorn (at)
serpentine bassoon
Tommi "Tv" Virtanen : tv (at)
Justin "justinj" Johnson : justinj (at)
bass mandolin


Jerry Hebert : jerry (at)
Nick Moffit : nick (at)
Jeremy Fincher