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General Info

See the TwistedProject page for info on the SVN repository. After every commit to Twisted, the Buildbot runs all the unit tests on several separate machines on a few different platforms, and reports the status of those tests. Watch the buildbot. Because sometimes, the buildbot watches back.

Development Process

Twisted uses same process as Divmod: The Ultimate Quality Development System, in addition to this ReviewProcess. If you don't have commit access to Twisted, please submit branches in diff -u format to the ticket tracker. To submit tickets, you must first register.

If you want to become a developer, it is important to understand that all your contributions (including those initial patches you send to the bug tracker) will have to licenced under the MIT licence.

Read more here.

Win32 development

If you want to hack Twisted or just use Twisted SVN on Win32, see Ying Li's short tutorial on setting up a Twisted win32 development environment (and a small addendum on paths).

Links and Resources