Twisted Core

Twisted Core is an asynchronous event loop and associated utilities, supporting TCP, UDP, multicast, SSL/TLS, serial communication and more. It is used by most of the servers, clients and protocols that are part of other Twisted projects.

The core "minimal" distribution contains a number of modules:

  • twisted.internet, the Twisted event loop;
  • twisted.cred, a pluggable authentication system for servers;
  • twisted.enterprise, an asynchonous adaptor of Python DB-API 2.0 database interfaces;
  • twisted.manhole, a debugging service;
  • twisted.persisted, a collection of object persistance systems
  • twisted.protocols, a collection of helper protocols (such as a line-oriented helper, a length-prefixed helper, a netstrings helper, etc);
  • twisted.python, a set of Twisted programming abstractions;
  • twisted.spread, a network transport, serializer and object broker;
  • twisted.trial, a unit-testing framework; and

Twisted is available under the MIT Free Software licence.


See the Downloads page.


All sorts of documentation is available for Twisted Core, including a complete API reference of the full Twisted distribution.


Subscribe to the twisted-python mailing list or visit the #twisted channel on to ask questions.

Report a bug or request a feature using the issue tracker (registration required), or browse Twisted Core tickets.

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