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Add initial issue - CBC vs CTR

Plaintext recovery when using CBC block cipher


Relevance to Conch

Both the Conch client and server support various CBC block ciphers. However, they will also both prefer the CTR version of any particular block cipher (that is, AES256-CTR is preferred over AES256-CBC, AES128-CTR is preferred over AES128-CBC, etc). Since cipher preference is ordered to group such pairs together, it is possible that the Conch client will select a CBC cipher when a server is offering some CTR cipher (for example, if a server offers AES256-CBC,AES128-CTR then the Conch client will select AES256-CBC, since it prefers that to either AES128-based cipher). This seems to be an unpopular server configuration. (note: is a man in the middle attack relevant here? Can an attacker cause a downgrade? Probably not a relevant degradation in security unless we were to disable CBC completely.)