Twisted Community

For interacting with the twisted community members, you have several options:

Mail Lists

If you want to participate in Twisted's community or development, you probably want to join the main mailing list:

There are also more specific lists, if your interest is narrower:

  • twisted-web - web-specific technologies, including twisted as WSGI, twisted.web, klein, and treq
  • twisted-jabber - xmpp-related projects, including twisted.words.protocols.jabber.

You can subscribe to these mailing lists using the web interfaces linked above.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a programming Q & A site. You can find Twisted-related questions there, often with answers:

Real-Time Chat

Server: (more about the Libera IRC network)

For support, you can join one of several channels:

  • #twisted | Logs - support for Twisted and its ecosystem
  • #twisted.web | Logs - support for Twisted Web, and ecosystem projects such as Treq, Klein and the Nevow templating system.; both for development with it and deploying it

If you're working on Twisted, you should join the development channel.


Read Planet Twisted.

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