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The Twisted Show Workflow

  1. Get approval, schedule the interview, obtain links and background information.
  2. Create a list of questions, topics to cover, etc., optionally sharing them with the interviewee.
  3. Conduct the interview, recording the conversation (Audio Hijack + Skype are a good set of tools on Mac OS X).
  4. Create a wiki page with a page name of the form "InterviewPERSONORGNAMEYYYYMM".
    • Add a section describing the person or organization.
    • Provide a list of the people interviewed as well as who conducted the interview.
    • For the body of the wiki page, follow the instructions below, depending upon the medium.
    • At the end of the body, add a section for "Resources", to include such things as company links, news articles, other interviews, blogs, software projects, etc.

Text Media: Transcripts

This one's easy:

  1. Transcribe the text and edit it.
  2. Paste it to the wiki page, bolding the questions for easy visual cueing by readers.

Audio Media: Podcasts

This one's much more involved:

  1. Save the audio interview as .ogg, editing out as much noise as possible.
  2. Upload the audio files to using the tmlabs account (contact oubiwann for user/password info).
    • Provide titles of the form "Twisted Matrix Labs: Interview with ..." or "Twisted Matrix Labs: ..."
    • This should give corresponding identifiers of "TwistedMatrixLabsInterviewWith..." or "TwistedMatrixLabs..."
    • Tag content with at least the following "twisted, python, twisted show, tmlabs, twisted matrix laboratories".
  3. Upload logo.
  4. Update wiki page with links to uploaded material on
  5. Create blog post on
    • line feed setting
    • podcast setting
    • enclosures
  6. Check iTunes.
    • In order to post to iTunes, we had to submit the feed via this URL.
    • If that link is broken and you need to submit another feed, try this page.
    • Open iTunes and [... TBD]
  7. Update news on launchpad
  8. Create a blog post announcing the interview