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The Twisted Show Workflow

  1. Get approval, schedule the interview, obtain links and background information
  2. Create a list of questions, topics to cover, etc., optionally sharing them with the interviewee
  3. Conduct the interview, recording the conversation (Audio !Hijack + Skype are a good set of tools on Mac OS X)
  4. Create a wiki page with a page name of the form "InterviewPERSONORGNAMEYYYYMM"
    • Add a section describing the person or organization
    • Provide a list of the people interviewed as well as who conducted the interview
    • For the body of the wiki page, follow the instructions below, depending upon the medium
    • At the end of the body, add a section for "Resources", to include such things as company links, news articles, other interviews, blogs, software projects, etc.

Text Media: Transcripts

This one's easy:

  1. Transcribe the text and edit it.
  2. Paste it to the wiki page, bolding the questions for easy visual cueing by readers.

Audio Media: Podcasts

This one's much more involved:

  1. Save the audio interview as .ogg, editing out as much noise as possible
  2. Upload the audio files to using the tmlabs account (contact oubiwann for user/password info)