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Twisted Sprint 2009

All details here are tentative. They will be made final by August 10, 2009.

  • Where: Boston
  • When: September 28th - October 2nd
  • Coordinator: jml


We'd like the sprint to be in a place that promises the largest attendance. A rough survey suggests that place is either Boston or San Francisco.

  • Boston (0)
  • San Francisco (0)

Please increment the number in parentheses if you would definitely go to the sprint if it were in that city. Increment both if you can make to either city.

Note that the city with the highest number might not be the final location of the sprint -- there are many factors, these numbers are one of them.


To be worth it at all, the sprint should be a week long. However, perhaps it should start on a Wednesday on go into a weekend in order to give more people a chance to attend. Thoughts?


To be decided.

Need a volunteer to organize this.


  • Under 1000 Open Tickets
  • General twistd improvements, logging in particular
  • conch bugs fixing
  • Any bugs that will make some buildbot slaves green (and kill intermittent failures)
  • Maybe twisted web client?


  • glyph says, "Even more specifically: I recommend that we dedicate at least one day of the sprint purely to triage."


  • Name (definite|tentative)