Twisted Sprint 2009

  • Where: Boston
  • When: September 28th - October 2nd
  • Coordinator: jml.


To be worth it at all, the sprint should be a week long. However, perhaps it should start on a Wednesday on go into a weekend in order to give more people a chance to attend. Thoughts?


To be decided.

Need a volunteer to organize this.


  • Under 1000 Open Tickets
  • General twistd improvements, logging in particular
  • conch bugs fixing
  • Any bugs that will make some buildbot slaves green (and kill intermittent failures)
  • Maybe twisted web client?


  • glyph says, "Even more specifically: I recommend that we dedicate at least one day of the sprint purely to triage."


  • Name (definite|tentative; need travel assistance?)
  • Jonathan Lange (tentative; yes)
  • Jamu Kakar (tentative; probably not)
  • Paul Swartz (tentative; no; Wed-Fri only)
  • Thijs Triemstra (tentative; ?)
  • Steve Steiner (definite; no)
  • Raymond Cote (tentative; no; "a day or two")
  • Michael Hudson (tentative; yes)
  • Glyph Lefkowitz (definite; no)
  • Itamar Shtull-Trauring (definite; no)
  • Jean-Paul Calderone (tentative; no)
  • Jessica McKellar (tentative; no)


If you definitely cannot attend, please list your name here.

  • Thomas Hervé
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