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    1515  * Make sure you have a ''clear idea of what work needs doing''.  Write down your idea first; [ file a ticket] before you write a patch.  A really good ticket will give a precise description of what needs to change and why it needs changing; it avoids giving precise details of exactly ''how'' the code needs to change, because the patch should supply those details.  A really ''bad'' ticket will say "here is a patch I wrote, apply it".  If you're just getting started with contributing to Twisted, it would be good to find an existing ticket rather than come up with something yourself, so you have an idea how to go through the process before you start making difficult changes.  You'll need to have a good description of your work for other parts of the process as well (the NEWS file, the commit message) which is another reason thinking about what you're trying to do helps.
     16    * Note: '''if you're filing a bug because you noticed a regression in [wiki:ReleaseProcess a current pre-release], make sure to mark it as a regression, add it to the release milestone, and to post something to the mailing list as well'''.  It's very important for us to spot regressions before they make it into a final release, so redundant communication is better in this case!
    1617  * Try '''not''' to ''write too much code at once''.  A good change really needs to be be under 1000 lines of diff for a reviewer to be able to deal with it before getting fatigued and missing things.  Really, you should be aiming for things in the neighborhood of 200 lines.  This is for your benefit as well as the reviewer's; we don't want you to spend weeks on a 10,000-line monster of a feature, only to have it rejected because we're not interested in having such a feature at all.
    7273 * After the change is merged wait for the buildbots to finish running, if there is a regression on a supported builder you should [#Revertingachange revert your merge].
     74 * '''If this fix has implications for an ongoing [wiki:ReleaseProcess pre-release in progress]''', please announce it on the mailing list so that the release manager will know.  A change definitely has implications for the release process if:
     75  - a pre-release has been issued for which there is no final release
     76  - this ticket was a known regression and is now closed, so another pre-release should be issued
     77  - this ticket was in the release milestone and is now closed, so another pre-release should be issued
     78  - as part of the final review, the reviewer noticed that this is fixing something that could be considered a regression.
     79  In general, if there's any doubt, communicate to the mailing list.  The mailing list is fairly low traffic, and so a little extra noise about interesting developments is much better than letting an important fix slip through the cracks.  If you're not sure whether something qualifies as a regression or not, let the release manager know so they can decide.
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