Sprint Report: PyCon 2014

PyCon 2014, hosted in Montréal, held development sprints from April 14 - 17.

Tickets Closed

Works in Progress

Non-Core Projects

Did you work on some other library or project using Twisted at the sprint?


  • Crochet released version 1.2 with an improved interface for calling into Twisted from threads.
  • Started work on txtulip, an experiment in connecting Twisted and asyncio.
  • A HybridCluster open source project, Eliot logging library released a preview, and did some work on improving the API; hopefully next release sometime soon.


  • A HybridCluster open source project, Machinist finite state machine library released.


  • ?

People have posted elsewhere about their PyCon sprint experience, maybe?

  • PEP 469, Migration of dict iteration code to Python 3, acknowledges “Thanks to the folks at the Twisted sprint table at PyCon for a very vigorous discussion of this idea (and several other topics).”

High scores for Twisted, April 2014

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