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Twisted is used by many open-source, academic and commercial projects.

Libraries and Add-Ons

  • TLS Lite - Python TLS/SSL implementation.
  • TwistedSNMP - PySNMP integration for Twisted.
  • BEEPy - BEEP protocol implementation for Python.
  • PyRAD- a RADIUS client and server.
  • Ldaptor - LDAP protocol implementation and utilities.
  • Twibber - a Jabber implementation.
  • PyOSD - module for displaying text on your X display, much like the "On Screen Displays" used on TVs and some monitors.
  • sAsync - SQLAlchemy done Asynchronously.


  • - a flight planning web site which searches many other flight databases.
  • BitTorrent - a peer-to-peer file sharing program.
  • Chandler - a desktop PIM.
  • Zope3 - next-generation of the Zope application server and content management system.
  • hellanzb - an application designed for *nix environments that retrieves and processes Usenet nzb files.
  • Flumotion - a streaming media server.
  • Quotient - multi-protocol messaging server with tools for information management and retrieval, including a mail server (SMTP/POP3/IMAP/webmail) and much more.
  • Shtoom - a RTP/SIP VoIP phone.
  • Hep - Message routing super-server.
  • Khashmir - distributed hash table.
  • Bannerfish - banner ad server.
  • apt-proxy2 - caching proxy for Debian apt-get clients.
  • CVSToys - CVS change notification via email, IRC and HTTP.
  • DocmaServer - batch processing server that does Word <-> XML conversion.
  • pyvncviewer - a simple VNC viewer implemented in Python.
  • BuildBot - a distributed building/testing framework.
  • PythonDirector - load balancing for web servers.
  • Various libraries - pcap, SNMP integration, RSS to NNTP gateway, and other programs.
  • Upstage - a "cyberperformance" chat system.
  • Freevo - open-source home theatre and PVR PC platform.
  • CIA Bot - notification system, used by many projects for source code checkin notification.
  • SFTPGateway - SFTP to FTP gateway, allowing secure access to FTP servers.
  • Informant - GNOME Panel applet for event notification.
  • TouRSSt - RSS delivery system.
  • Pynfo - extendable multi-function IRC bot.
  • PETMail - permission based anti-spam replacement for SMTP.
  • Crow's Nest - collect log information from various sources and to apply some filter to them in a very modular way.
  • Trash - a web pastebin application.
  • MaxJax - a solution for real-time web based control of any open sound control enabled sound synthesis engine.
  • svs - a framework for supporting collaborative projects that combine coding with other media.
  • msn-gateway - an msn messenger gateway for mobile phones using email and web access.
  • Solipsis - a pure peer-to-peer system for a massively shared virtual world.
  • Howie the Chatterbot - a conversational AI.
  • Pgkbot - a bot for monitoring mediawiki changes.
  • NXLucene - a standalone multi-threaded Lucene-based text indexing server.
  • WinDictator - Dictate in the MS Windows OS, have the text typed in Linux via X faked keystroke events.
  • Palaver - multi-user chat for Jabber.
  • Zenoss - open source network/systems monitoring and management


  • OGC - MUD client.
  • Go Siege - multiplayer Go game.
  • Beyond 2 - high level framework for assembling, animating, and interacting with 3D virtual environments.
  • InnerSpace - a pseudo-MUD engine.
  • GalaxyMage - a cross-platform, open-source tactical RPG with online multiplayer play.
  • OpenRTS - an open source real-time strategy game with multiplayer and scenario games.
  • PyScrabble - an online, multiplayer Scrabble game.
  • Poker3d - a 3d poker game server and client.
  • Buyasta - a MUD engine.
  • London Law - an online multiplayer adaptation of the classic Scotland Yard board game.

Research Projects

Got a successful project you'd like added to this page? Mail a brief description and an URL (if appropriate) to the twisted mailing list!