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This page documents the Trac deployment for the Twisted project.

Trac admins:

  • adiroiban
  • glyph
  • posita

Only members of GROUP wiki_editors can edit the wiki pages.

Fighting spam

The way this page works is, these are _copies_ of things that happened on the site, the spam filter just treats them as blobs of text so this is a view of a queue of spam-filter events, and you are supposed to drain it ("delete" the items in it)

You can delete an item as spam, ham, or neither

If you post something to the site, and get rejected from the spam filter, go into this UI, check your post, "delete selected as ham", and try again

Mistakes are very expensive on this page so be careful :)

Free to "delete selected as spam" if you see obvious spam (and most of our spam is exceedingly obvious)