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Completely tick off "upgrading trac"

To do list for switching the code repository from Subversion to Git

This acts more as a reminder of things to do than the actual definitive list. Feel free to update it if things are missing.

Changing the repository must still meet the workflow requirements.

  • Changes to the infrastructure should be made against the braid repository (or its sub-modules) so that it can be deployed with fab
  • Upgrade Trac: (Done)
  • The CI system already uses Git. Is there any changes to make here?
  • Port the post-commit hooks from Subversion to Git:
    • IRC announcements from Kenaan
    • repository structure enforcement (i.e. no merges to trunk, or, presumably, "master", without a fixed bug and a NEWS file, unless it's a quote file change)
    • Buildbot kick off (Is it already done?)
  • Port the release scripts from Subversion to Git: #7035
  • Port twisted.python.versions to use Git: #7036
  • Is there any need to have a Git mirror on the same machine as Trac?
    • we don't want our release repository on the same machine running the website. ( has a much smaller attack surface)