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    1 = To do list for switching the code repository from Subversion to Git =
     1= Git Migration plan =
    3 ''This acts more as a reminder of things to do than the actual definitive list. Feel free to update it if things are missing.''
    5 Changing the repository must still meet the [wiki:WorkflowRequirements workflow requirements].
    7  * Changes to the infrastructure should be made against the [ braid repository] (or its sub-modules) so that it can be deployed with `fab`
    8  * ~~Upgrade Trac: (Done)~~
    9  * The CI system already uses Git. Is there any changes to make here?
    10  * Port the post-commit hooks from Subversion to Git:
    11    * IRC announcements from Kenaan
    12    * repository structure enforcement (i.e. no merges to trunk, or, presumably, "master", without a fixed bug and a NEWS file, unless it's a quote file change)
    13    * Buildbot kick off (Is it already done?)
    14  * [ticket:7035 Port the release scripts from Subversion to Git: #7035]
    15  * [ticket:7036 Port twisted.python.versions to use Git: #7036]
    16  * Is there any need to have a Git mirror on the same machine as Trac?
    17    * we don't want our release repository on the same machine running the website.
    18     * ( has / should have a much smaller attack surface)
    19     * a note on security: we can't upgrade the OS on because we have never managed to successfully upgrade SVN versions.  However, Git is much less sensitive to version upgrades (as a DVCS where people could be using wildly divergent versions it kind of has to be) so we should be able to upgrade immediately once Subversion is turned off.  So this migration should be a big net benefit to locking down the VCS.
     3[[|Approved Git Migration Plan]]