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     1= Twisted 2013 Maintainer Fellowship =
     2== Introduction ==
     3Proposed herein is a full-time fellowship for one year for a full-time Maintainer of the Twisted Project.  Development and improvement of Twisted (as with most Open Source and Free Software) is done as a collaborative process between volunteer, corporate, and academic contributors.  A project's Maintainer works to balance the demands, feature requests, and improvement submissions from all parties to shepherd the software in the best direction.
     6== Background ==
     7Twisted is one of the most popular Python libraries. It is used in production environments at companies such as Google, Lucasfilm, and Justin.TV, as well a component in various other Open Source and Free Software projects, such as the Launchpad software collaboration platform.  Twisted is also an excellent learning platform to help student  developers go from learning the basics of network programming to being  active contributors to Free Software projects.  Meanwhile, server  implementations in Twisted are the core of numerous other open source  applications, including BuildBot, BitTorrent, and Tahoe-LAFS.
     9Twisted has long-been a staging ground for new ideas that have made their way into the Python language or influenced the design of servers and networking libraries  across many programming languages.
     11The Twisted community has also been a leader in the Python and greater Open Source and Free Software community for promoting a pro-diversity, friendly, welcoming contributor environment. One example of this leadership is Twisted's partnership with the GNOME Outreach Program for Women, through which one woman learned and practiced the tools of open  source development in a paid Twisted summer internship this summer.
     13Twisted's developers make all Twisted software available to the public  without charge, under Twisted's Open Source copyright license, the MIT license.  Twisted's license assures that Twisted is equally available to everyone freely on terms that allow both non-commercial and commercial activity.
     16== The Need for a Full-Time Fellowship ==
     18Funding a skilled software developer and architect to work full-time as Maintainer will help Twisted grow as a project, and enable Twisted's develop community to increase their output of innovative code for the public's benefit.
     20Twisted has strict coding, testing, documentation, and review standards, which ensures excellent code quality, continually improving documentation and code test coverage, and minimal regressions. Code reviews are historically a bottleneck for getting new code merged.  A funded Maintainer would help alleviate this bottleneck, and speed Twisted's development.
     22In addition, a full-time Maintainer can provide leadership and guidance on Twisted's active mailing lists and IRC channels, where developers share information about bugs and address design and implementation questions. 
     24A full-time Maintainer can also give prompt attention to bug reports and supervise the process for resolving tickets through Twisted's ticket workflow.  This gives developers and users more confidence in Twisted, improves retention of new contributors, and encourages greater adoption.
     27== Work Plan ==
     29Code review (55%)
     30Review code, apply patches, and set and enforce standards for code quality.  Improve documentation and code test coverage.
     32Mailing list and IRC participation (10%)
     33Encourage and participate in discussions on Twisted's mailing lists and IRC channels.
     35Bug report triage (5%)
     36Supervise Twisted's ticket workflow to ensure that bug tickets are addressed and closed.
     38New feature development (30%)
     39Serve as architect for the development and implementation of new features.
     41The Maintainer will provide a forthnightly written report of their progress to the Conservancy and the Twisted community.
     44== Fellowship Candidate ==
     46A candidate for the Maintainer fellowship will demonstrate the following:
     48 * The ability to review code for suitability, stability, and clarity; to point out meritable work, and provide actionable feedback on how to improve the code when necessary.
     49 * The ability to implement features in the Twisted library.
     50 * A positive presence in Twisted's online community on IRC and the mailing list.
     52Ideally the Maintainer will also:
     54 * Have familiarity with the infrastructure of the Twisted project (including trac and buildbot).
     55 * Work to provide education or outreach on Twisted in other forums such as workshops, conferences, and user groups.
     57Conservancy and Twisted are excited to announce the Maintainer Fellowship for Twisted. Candidates for the Twisted Maintainer Fellowship should submit their proposal (including their CV and financial terms) to <>.  The
     58deadline for this initial round of proposals is December 31, 2012.