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Add link to RFC691

An attempt to understand the pieces of EDNS0 and the changes necessary to have Twisted Names support it:

  • EDNS0
    • OPT record
      • Explicit OPT record class/type
        • Teach cache about it - MUST NOT BE CACHED
        • Teach recursive resolver about it - MUST NOT BE FORWARDED
        • Teach loaders about - MUST NOT BE LOADED FROM MASTER FILE
      • Extended label ("0" "1" type) parsing (REJECTED BY 2671bis)
      • Maximum UDP datagram size field
      • Arbitrary extension support (attribute/value pairs in RDATA section)
    • Extended Message object with additional EDNS0 items
      • Subclass of Message? (no! subclassing is bad!)
      • maxSize (Message has it already, can we re-use it?)
      • Extended RCODE - partly defined by RCODE field in OPT record
    • Accept max UDP size as configuration? determine it from system automatically?
      • Server and client need this
    • Client
      • Automatically send EDNS0 queries
      • Fall back to DNS queries when detecting server does not support EDNS0?
    • Server
      • Send EDNS0 responses to EDNS0 queries
      • (Do not send EDNS0 responses to DNS queries)
  • DNSSEC ??????