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For more information about Twisted, please see the Twisted project page. You can get older releases from our [ download site].

The current release is Twisted 10.2.0: Release notes

Ubuntu and Debian

Packages of Twisted are available in Ubuntu and Debian as 'python-twisted'.

If you wish to build and install the latest Twisted by-hand on Ubuntu ensure that you have the 'python-dev' and 'build-essential' packages installed.

An Ubuntu PPA was setup on Launchpad to obtain more recent packages:


Mac OS X

Twisted is no longer making a .dmg for OS X because OS X versions 10.5 and greater ship with Twisted installed and the default Python path configuration makes it impossible for a user to upgrade Twisted without possibly breaking applications which depend on the system Twisted installation.

Source Tarball

View on the Web

You can view the source code on the web [source:trunk here].

Source Checkout

To checkout code from the repository, use:

  svn co svn://

Individual Project Tarballs

You probably don't want these unless you have special considerations:

Twisted Web2 is no longer built as a tarball. If you really want it, it's present in [source:/tags/releases/twisted-10.2.0/ SVN] ([source:/tags/releases/twisted-10.2.0/twisted/web2/topfiles/NEWS Release notes])

Signed MD5 Sums

md5 sums of the 10.2.0 release are [ here].

md5 sums of the 10.1.0 release are [ here].

md5 sums of the 10.0.0 release are [ here].

md5 sums of the 9.0.0 release are [ here].

md5 sums of the 8.2.0 release are [ here].

md5 sums of the 8.1.0 release are [ here].