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tmrc is down


Note: The server hosting Twisted packages is currently down due to infrastructure maintenance. It will probably return late today (Jan 17) or sometime tomorrow.

For more information about Twisted, including release notes, please see the Twisted project page. You can get older releases from our download site.

Ubuntu and Debian

Packages of Twisted are available in Ubuntu and Debian as 'python-twisted'.

If you wish to build and install the latest Twisted by-hand on Ubuntu ensure that you have the 'python-dev' and 'build-essentials' packages installed.


Source Tarball

View on the Web

You can view the source code on the web [source:trunk here].

Source Checkout

To checkout code from the repository, use:

  svn co svn://

Individual Project Tarballs

You probably don't want these unless you have special considerations (note: TwistedWeb2 listed here is not in the integrated tarball mentioned above):

  • Twisted Core - 2.5.0 ([source:/tags/releases/twisted-core-2.5.0/twisted/topfiles/NEWS?format=raw Release notes])
  • Twisted Conch - 0.8.0 ([source:/tags/releases/twisted-conch-0.8.0/twisted/conch/topfiles/NEWS?format=raw Release notes])
  • Twisted Web - 0.7.0 ([source:/tags/releases/twisted-web-0.7.0/twisted/web/topfiles/NEWS?format=raw Release notes])
  • Twisted Web2 - 0.2.0 ([source:/tags/releases/twisted-web2-0.2.0/twisted/web2/topfiles/NEWS?format=raw Release notes])
  • Twisted Mail - 0.4.0 ([source:/tags/releases/twisted-mail-0.4.0/twisted/mail/topfiles/NEWS?format=raw Release notes])
  • Twisted Names - 0.4.0 ([source:/tags/releases/twisted-names-0.4.0/twisted/names/topfiles/NEWS?format=raw Release notes])
  • Twisted News - 0.3.0 ([source:/tags/releases/twisted-news-0.3.0/twisted/news/topfiles/NEWS?format=raw Release notes])
  • Twisted Words - 0.5.0 ([source:/tags/releases/twisted-words-0.5.0/twisted/words/topfiles/NEWS?format=raw Release notes])
  • Twisted Lore - 0.3.0 ([source:/tags/releases/twisted-lore-0.3.0/twisted/lore/topfiles/NEWS?format=raw Release notes])
  • Twisted Runner - 0.2.0 ([source:/tags/releases/twisted-runner-0.2.0/twisted/runner/topfiles/NEWS?format=raw Release notes])