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     1= Review Details =
     2* Link to page: []
     3* Reviewer's name: David Blewett
     4* Review Date: 14 January 2006
     6= User Profile =
     7* Years using some parts of Twisted: 0 (just started)
     8* Overall level of comfort with Twisted: Very little
     9* Level of experience with the subject matter of this document: Reasonable amount
     10* Have read or used this document before: Yes
     12= Document expectations =
     13I expected an overview of how to use the different mail protocols. I'm especially interested in using the twisted IMAP modules to create a server. I needed a general overview of how to wrap or subclass the existing code to customize it to what I needed. I was also looking for a simple code example to get started, and possibly a test harness to debug the server.
     15I'm not sure how to do the rest of the review, because there was hardly any documentation to begin with. This isn't a dig; I was just surprised and frustrated. I did find this [ message on the list from 2004]. I was able to start to make sense of the code based on this and the good commenting in the code.