This list is the list of documents that people are working on reviewing or have reviewed as part of the DocumentationAnalysis project.

Choosing a document

Ideally, we'd like users to focus on:

  • documents they found problematic when they tried to use them in the past
  • documents that pertain to their current Twisted use-cases (ask on IRC for suggestions)

Ideally, we'd like experts and developers to focus on:

  • documents that (supposedly) cover ground that they frequently assist people with on the mailing list or IRC

Developers may choose to focus on documentation of their pet projects or on documentation of other people's pet projects. However, if you focus on your own pet projects, make a special effort to think about the intended audience of the document -- it's almost certainly not you -- and what they're likely to find useful and what they are likely to know and not know.

While two or three people may review the same document if they like (particularly if one review is by an expert and another by a user) we would prefer to get a wide spread of reviews if possible, so if something has been reviewed already you could:

  • do a mini-review, commenting only on things you think the original reviewer missed (just snip bits from the template that you need)
  • review something else

Making a review wiki page

To work on a document that's not in this list:

Once a document is in the list:

Review templates are available at wiki:DocumentationAnalysis/UserReviewTemplate for reviews by Twisted users (or for any part of Twisted about which you feel you know comparitively little) and wiki:DocumentationAnalysis/ExpertReviewTemplate for reviews by experts in that part of Twisted.

Review table

The second line of the table (after the heading) is an example line. Add your own review links after that.

Document name and link User reviews Expert reviews
Example document wiki:DocumentationAnalysis/Example/JoeBlow? wiki:DocumentationAnalysis/Example/JaneBlogs?
Mail wiki:DocumentationAnalysis/Mail/DavidBlewett
Using Threads in Twisted wiki:DocumentationAnalysis/Threads/MaryGardiner wiki:DocumentationAnalysis/Threads/AndrewBennetts
Using Processes wiki:DocumentationAnalysis/UsingProcesses/AndrewBennetts
Writing Clients wiki:DocumentationAnalysis/Clients/AndrewBennetts
Testing wiki:DocumentationAnalysis/Testing/JonathanLange
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