We want to make it easier and more fun to contribute to Twisted without lowering our standards of quality.

Here are some ideas / thoughts:

  • Very strongly encourage people to submit patches lower than 800 lines.
  • The round-trip time between reviews is very important. Casual contributors have time now, but maybe no time later.
    • (Relatedly, I'd love to see some of the statistics in the weekly bug summary over shorter, more recent time frames. Then we can see if we're getting better or worse about ticket turnaround in the last n months in addition to seeing ticket #50 from 2003 hurting lifetime averages as always. - jesstess)
  • New patch contributors sometimes forget to add the review keyword, leaving the ticket unlooked at for 3 years. If someone made a point of checking up on new tickets by new people regularly, or everyone did, or some people swept the open ticket regularly, maybe that would help, although it is constant work.
    • Or maybe have a message at the top of all tickets saying to set the review keyword when appropriate, if that customization isn't hard.
  • Make it much easier to get the diff to read for review
  • Make a tool that enforces and maybe even automatically corrects for our typographical conventions.
  • A very visible, short, bulleted list of things to do on a patch before submitting it might help guide new contributors who don't want to read through or don't find both the coding and testing standards. A bulleted list of things to remember to check during a review might be nice too.
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