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A build slave which is to run the Twisted test suite on a particular platform or in a particular configuration needs the following software:

  • Python
    • On Debian, the python-profiler package should also be installed.
    • On platforms where the Python headers are separated from the main Python package, these should also be installed (usually python-dev or python-devel).
  • BuildBot
  • subversion

As well as all (or as many as possible) of the libraries Twisted depends on:

  • PyCrypto
  • pyOpenSSL (depends on OpenSSL)
  • pyasn1
  • gmpy (depends on GMP)
  • SOAPpy

A build slave needs authentication credentials in order to be allowed to connect to the build master. Credentials can be obtained by emailing twisted dash python at twisted matrix dot com and expressing interest in running a slave.